Aims and Objectives

The project implements an innovative combination of advanced speech recognition, voice synthesis, and interaction with users, with a platform for collecting, analyzing and extracting conclusions from sensor data, clinical knowledge, and patient history.

The main objective of the project is to provide innovative solutions and support services: a) In hospitals, rehabilitation centers and clinics, providing up-to-date and innovative real-time patient monitoring services through correlation and interconnection of information on integrated, valid and personalized decision-making provided care, b) In non-hospital settings, acting as a personal interactive assistant providing innovative voice-based information services on issues related to the daily life of patients (nutrition and medication), remote monitoring services, as well as initiating customized and personalized dialogues with a positive impact to their mental health and satisfaction.

In order to achieve the aforementioned objectives, the project defines a set of technological objectives that will be the main fields of research. More specifically, the main technological objectives of the project are:

• The development of innovative solutions for the analysis and combination of data from heterogeneous multimodal sensors to monitor the behavior and condition of individuals
• Implementation of intelligent techniques combining multimodal data with clinical knowledge, behavior patterns and medical history, supporting the design of timely and personalized interventions
• Developing an intelligent, virtual and interactive agent that provides physical (multilingual) interactive interaction and support to patients, caregivers and staff.