Expected Results

Societal Impact: The ability to install the platform in home environments helps patients to increase the time they can be independent and live in their home environment, as well as enabling them to be fully monitored by clinics and rehabilitation centers after their hospitalization. The ability to acquire information through physical interaction is expected to play an important part in restoring the mental and social life of patients and their relatives. In the medium term REA can provide the basis for becoming an intelligent personal assistant providing information of general interest and voice interaction between the user and his / her needs.

Clinical Impact: The platform helps to make informed and personalized decisions about the care provided in hospitals, rehabilitation centers and clinics. It also aims to increase staff productivity through quick and easy interactive interaction with systems while, through automation of processes, it helps to save time by optimizing internal organizational processes.

Economic Impact: For patients with mobility or mental problems, the platform offers innovative ways to handle devices and understand their needs through dialogue, as well as acting as an intermediate assistant, increasing patient participation in dialogues and positively contributing to their mental health and satisfaction. The more effective care that is provided to the patients can lead to a reduction in their time spent in rehabilitation clinics and centers, while also increase their sense of independence, with just minimal presence of specialized assistance, only when necessary.

Environmental Impact: The integration of REA into a medical center platform also works well for the environment as it ‘runs’ on existing infrastructure without consuming additional resources. In addition, reducing the administrative burden and maintaining medical references in digital, easily distributable formats limits the use of stationery, as well as all unnecessary, time-consuming movement within the medical unit.