Project Structure


Work Package 1: Pilot design and evaluation (M1-M36)

T1.1 End User Requirements (EVEXIA)
T1.2 Sensor Specifications (ELVIS)
T1.3 Description of use scenarios (EVEXIA)
T1.4 Pilot Test Methodology and System Evaluation study (EVEXIA)

Work Package 2: Analysis and understanding of communication (M3-M36)

T2.1 Speech Recognition and Analysis (ENTRANET)
T2.2 Analysis of non-voice information (CERTH)
T2.3 Content Representation and Semantic Association for Decision Making (CERTH)
T2.4 Web-based queries (CERTH)
T2.5 Dialogue Management (CERTH)

Work Package 3: Virtual Interface and Speech Production (M3-M36)

T3.1 Virtual agent development (ENTRANET)

Work Package 4: Design and Implementation of the System (M1-36)

T4.1 System design (ENTRANET)
T4.2 Manufacture of sensors adapted to REA requirements (ELVIS)
T4.3 Implementation of data collection system (ELVIS)
T4.4 Development and integration of the platform (ENTRANET)
T4.5 Installation and maintenance of the system in the rehabilitation environment (ELVIS)
T4.6 Web site development (CERTH)

Work Package 5: Participation in trade fairs (M18-M36)

Work Package 6: Feasibility study and exploitation of results (M12-M36)